Hiking tour 

Sycamore Trail Reichenbach Valley

Short info

Starting point
Schwarzwaldalp, 1451 m a.s.l.
Rosenlaui, Hotel, 1327 m a.s.l.
5 km
1 h 30 min.
112 m
236 m
Lowest point
1302 m a.s.l.
Highest Point
1501 m a.s.l.

The tour

The sycamore pastures are old, men made cultural landscapes. Hundreds of years those landscape shaping ecosystems have been farmed traditionally. In addition to the grassland also the trees have been used in various ways by men and animals.
The pastures are mainly found in the northern Alps, where the tree finds optimal living conditions thanks to the cool-humid climate. Through the land use changes in agriculture (intensification on the one hand, and abandonment and forestation on the other) they are getting, however, increasingly rare. Here in the Reichenbach valley a unique stock of sycamore trees has been preserved. About 600 trees, many of them ancient and gnarled, stand on the pastures of the valley. More about the fascinating trees, their biocoenosis and life stories you discover on the sycamore trail. In the corresponding brochures you will find interesting explanations on eight selected locations regarding specifics of sycamore pastures and a detailed description of the locations. We wish you an entertaining walk through this unique landscape. Finally you will find a very special encounter.


General Tips

The Sycamore trail is indicated with its own signposts.

The brochure BERGAHORNweg can be downloaded here or ordered for free in printed form in the management center. In addition, it is available at the Hotel Schwarzwaldalp, the Brochhütte SAC and in the Hotel Rosenlaui

Note the signage and any information boards on the spot. Further information about the Swiss footpath network and the signposting can be found here.