Hiking tour 

Hiking Tour to the Gauli Glacier

Short info

Starting point
Innertkirchen Post MIB, 2197 m a.s.l.
Innertkirchen Post MIB, 2197 m a.s.l.
21 km
12 h
1618 m
1622 m
Lowest point
884 m a.s.l.
Highest Point
2349 m a.s.l.

The tour

This two-days hiking tour leads into the almost untouched rear Urbach valley. In the first step you climb to Alp Schrätteren through a wet sycamore and spruce forest. Over a second steep step you reach the Lake Mattenalp. From here the trail leads through a rock outcrop and bog landscape to the Gauli hut. On the second day you climb to the View Point Chammliegg. From there starts a mini via ferrata (surefootedness and head for heights is required) down to the Gauli glacier forefield. Through the unique floodplain you reach the waterfalls of the Ürbach and you finally reach through alpine meadows the Lake Mattenalp. From here you can access via the same route back to your starting point in the Urbach valley.

Alternative Route

From the hut directly to the glacier lake (- 1 h) / Access and Descent to Innertkirchen (+ 1,5 h each)



General Tips

Overnight in the Gauli hut (www.gauli.ch) and taxi to Urbach valley from Innertkirchen recommended / The mini via ferrata is exposed and requires absolutely a head for heights and excellent surefootedness. In case of doubts get more information from the hut keeper / The first day ends at 2.205 meter a.s.l. at the Gauli hut.

Note the signage and any information boards on the spot. Further information about the Swiss footpath network and the signposting can be found here.