Hiking tour 

Hiking into the Rosenlaui

Short info

Starting point
Bergstation Standseilbahn Reichenbachfall, 1328 m a.s.l.
Rosenlaui, Hotel, 873 m a.s.l.
5 km
2 h 10 min.
506 m
27 m
Lowest point
846 m a.s.l.
Highest Point
1328 m a.s.l.

The tour

After the spectacular start aboard the vintage funicular and views of the Reichenbach falls, make a short ascent to reach the Zwirgi observation deck. The gentle ascent then continues through alpine pastures and mountain forests. At Gschwantenmad a beautiful vista of nature opens up before you with the Rosenlaui glacier and the Wetterhorn. Located at the final destination of the hike is the Rosenlaui settlement with its stately hotel. A visit of the glacier gorge is the ideal way to round off the hike.

Alternative Route

Ascend from Willigen via the Sherlock Holmes Trail along the eastern side of the Reichenbach Falls to Zwirgi


Hotel Zwirgi; Restaurant Kaltenbrunnen-Säge; Hotel Rosenlaui

General Tips

Note the signage and any information boards on the spot. Further information about the Swiss footpath network and the signposting can be found here.