Interesting facts 

That’s why Rainer Maria Rilke was laid to rest in Raron

At his own request, Rainer Maria Rilke was buried at the Castle Church in Raron after his death on 29th December 1926. His grave is adorned by the self-chosen inscription:



oh pure contradiction, 

Delight of being no one’s sleep 

under so many lids.”



Rainer Maria Rilke travelled to Switzerland in June 1919 to escape the post-war turmoil. The long search for a suitable place of residence ended in the summer of 1920, when Rilke had found a appropriate home in the Château de Muzot above Sierre. His patron Werner Reinhart purchased the castle in the following spring and left it to Rilke for free use.
During this time, Rilke became acquainted with the merits of the land on the banks of the Rhone River. In his testament he disposed that his last rest would be near the castle church in Raron.