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Chiächlini – A Family Recipe

Food belongs to carnival as much as disguise and music. Special delicacies are the cookies “Chiächlini” (small cakes) baked for the carnival in the Lötschental. Each family keeps its own recipe secret.

Here is a recipe from the village of Wiler, for two kilos “Chiächlini”: 


•    Warm up 125 g butter, 

•    add 2.5 dl cream, 

•    300 g sugar,

•    1 pack vanilla sugar, 

•    2 dl white wine, 

•    2 dl Kirsch, 

•    2 dl Bergamot, 

•    1 small bottle lemon-flavour (Dr. Oetker). 

•    Beat 10 eggs, add a pinch of salt, mix it with the butter. 

•    Add 1 kilo flour and safran. 

•    Sprinkle 1 kg flour and 2 packets baking powder on your kitchen table. 

•    Put the mixture on the flour bed and knead it until it is smooth. 

•    Let the dough rest for two hours. 

•    Roll out and bake it in frying oil.


Recipe from Andrea Ritler-Ebener, Wiler