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Singing Ghosts at the Staubbach Waterfall

Over a 300 meter high and vertical rock wall the Staubbach river thunders from the Mürrenfluh down to the valley floor of the Lauterbrunnen valley. The water, in free fall, is sprayed and carried away by the wind. In 1779 this sight impressed Johann Wolfgang von Goethe profoundly and inspired him to his famous poem “Song Of The Spirits Over The Water”. 

“The spirit of Man
Resembles water:
Coming from heaven,
Rising to heaven,
And hither and thither,
To Earth must then
Ever descend.

It leaps from the heights
Of the sheer cliff,
In a pure stream,
Then rises sweetly
In clouds of spray
Against smooth stone,
And lightly received
Flows like a veil
Streaming softly
To depths beneath.

When the sheer rocks
Hinder its fall,
It foams angrily
Flowing stepwise
Into the void.

Along its flat bed
It wanders the vale,
And on the calm lake
All the bright stars
Gaze at their faces.

Wind is the water’s
Sweet lover:
Wind stirs up foaming
Waves from the deep.

Spirit of Man
How like water you are!
Man’s fate, oh,
How like the wind!”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1779)