Interesting facts 

Baschi, “strong as a bear”, from the Upper Valais

Wäger Baschi, from Geschinen was certainly the most well-known hemmer, lived from 1759 to 1832. Already as a child he was extremely tall and his strength impressed everyone. No wonder many tales and myths were told about him. 


One day Baschi was late loading a mule. The other hemmers already left. “I will find the path on my own” muttered Baschi to himself, setting out and following his mule on the way to the Grimsel pass. Reaching the  forest above Guttannen, he found a pine tree lying across the path. It didn't take him long to understand that someone had played a nasty trick on him. In a rage he started to tear off arm-thick branches until a small passage was opened. He sat down on the trunk, took the mule and the load on his back and crossed the obstacle. He then trotted along unhurried. Hidden behind a rock wall, the other hemmer needed a good hour of work to clear the way and resume their trail.