Interesting facts 

That’s why there are two Churches in Raron

In Raron two churches stand directly above one another. High up on the castle rock stands the medieval church of St. Romanus, beneath the church St. Michael which was constructed into the rock between 1971-1973. Together they form a successful structure, which contributes significantly to the interesting village image.


Following the floods of the Bietsch river in 1414 and 1494, the church of the village was so strongly damaged that the residents in 1505 decided, influenced significantly by the bishop and later Cardinal Matthäus Schiner, to build the church on the castle hill in order to be protected from future floods.
The well-known architect Ulrich Ruffiner, constructed between 1512-1518 on the ruins of the castle (Palas) "nova turris", the new parish church.  The church walls are decorated with monumental frescoes, including a cruel picture of the Last Judgment.

The steep, cumbersome and in winter often frozen path to the unheated castle church prompted many believers to visit the mass in the surrounding villages. This was reason enough for the parish of Raron to build a new church. In the absence of suitable places, the priest and a local builder were driving the idea of a church in the rock. The new church was inaugurated in 1974 after three years of construction. To make room for 500 believers, 6000 m3 of rock were burst out, 140 rock anchors set and 2000 m2 sprayed with concrete and reinforced. The well-done architecture of the rock church unites in harmony beauty and practicality, nature and culture as well as tradition and modernity.