Interesting facts 

That’s the Treasure hidden in the Feschtiloch in Niedergesteln I

Due to the incredible forces of water and ice, an ice age cave called Feschtiloch emerged on the castle rock of Niedergesteln. The caves, which have been accessible and illuminated since 2000, hide various secrets.


The legend of the Feschtiloch treasure (by Peter Josef Imboden):

"A treasure should be buried in the Feschtiloch. But it can only be seen in the holy night, when the bells ring to the consecration. That is why two men from Niedergesteln once went up into this Feschtiloch. When the bells began to ring, they saw a heap of gold, but an ugly toad sat on it. So, they did not dare to catch anything. The prior had previously advised them to take a knife or a rosary with them and to throw them on it. As they took them out, they were overwhelmed again by fear and returned empty-handed. They reported to the Prior that it was not possible, it was too dangerous, and that an ugly animal was sitting on it. The prior replied that they should have used the courage. Something is what is a want, the other thing is to get it.”

There is a similar legend by Augustin Imboden.