Interesting facts 

That‘s what about the Gestelnburg

One of the landmarks of Niedergesteln is the castle of the Barons von Turn on the Feschti, which is regarded as impregnable. The castle, reflected their power and consequently  was also the most impressive in the episcopal Upper Valais.

Already the choice of the site makes this castle a model of chivalrous castles of the 13th century. There was no rock promontory of the same kind in the Upper Valais. The rock spur with its ice age cave protrudes abruptly out into the Rhone valley.

The barons and their fiefdom families lived probably in the village for the time being. After the construction of the castle, the Barons of Turn had their residence until 1375 in the Gestelnburg. From here they ruled and tyrannized their various fiefs and dominions.

The castle, preserved as a ruin, has been built in three stages according to the three existing defence sections. The circular tower and the bastion were constructed first in the 12th century. In the 13th century, the imposing mansion with a ground plan of 40 x 13 meters and castle walls with a maximum width of up to 3 meters followed. Also the path over the monumental ramp dates from this period. During the last stage, the third defence section, located further down the rock formation, was built, comprising several buildings with service apartments, economic buildings and a cistern (called “red Wiichüefa).