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That’s why the Valleys on the Southern Ramp remain wild

With the introduction of the regulation regarding the Compensation of Losses in Hydropower Use in 1995, municipalities have been given an instrument to protect and preserve wild valleys and streams, without renouncing the revenues of the interests of the water price for hydro power generation.

The regulation allowed the municipalities on the Lötschberg southern ramp to conclude contracts with the Confederation for over 40 years and thus to receive compensation payments for the renouncement of the hydroelectric use of the rivers. In return, the municipalities must commit themselves to protect the affected valleys. In the UNESCO World Heritage site, Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, the waters of the Joli, Bietsch, Baltschieder and Gredetsch valleys are compensated by the so-called "landscape centimes".

The protection must take place unlimited, in a form which is binding for the landowner and foreseen by laws for nature protection, landscape protection or spatial planning, and prohibit all interventions which could affect the value of the landscape.

These contracts, which were concluded at the turn of the millennium, are given an unequally greater political dimension in the current discussion regarding the withdrawal from nuclear power.