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How four Brothers found their fortune on the Zinggenstock

Crystals have always fascinated people. In the Oberhasli region, indigenous crystal hunters have been searching for crystals for centuries. The village of Guttannen is the center of crystal hunting.

This adventurous search is on the one hand a welcome source of income, on the other hand it is a passion, comparable to the search for gold. In the 18th century a sensational discovery on the Zinggenstock triggered a true crystal fever.

It was a normal day for the brothers Peter, Melchior, Jakob and Hans Moor, when they left their self-built stone hut at the Unteraar glacier in fall 1719 to search for crystals on the Zinggenstock. The men never thought that their discovery of this day would turn them into celebrities. After years of arduous work they were suddenly facing the biggest crystal cleft ever found in the Alps. It must have been 35 meters deep and over 5 meters wide, its content weighing over 50 tons. 

Their fortune was highly sensational in the valley. A genuine crystal fever suddenly broke out. Many quit their jobs to seek their luck. The sizable earnings also attracted shady people. During the first winter thieves visited the famous cleft. Later, when a part of the crystals was stored in the village of Guttannen, fifteen houses and the church burnt down. The crystals were never found. A few Zinggenstock crystals can be seen today in the Natural History Museum in Berne.