Point of interest 

Ancient Sawmill on the Schwarzwaldalp

In alpine regions wood is the primary material for the construction of buildings of all kinds. In order to avoid transports and to provide the material on the spot, sawmills were installed and operated with hydropower. Several such systems were installed as well in the Reichenbach valley. One of them was established at the end of the 19th century on the Schwarzwaldalp. It served for the construction of the spa building. After burning down in the 1940s, the planks and beams for the reconstruction of the new, today still existing building were prepared in the sawmill. Over time, the sawmill was damaged since it was used less and less. The foundation «Pro Säge Schwarzwaldalp», established in 1997, has restored the saw and operates it regularly for public demonstrations. In this way the Schwarzwaldalp saw is conserved as a testimony of the technical development for future generations. The Pfannibach river provides the hydropower. The energy is produced with a water wheel of 3,4 m diameter and transferred to the saw and as well to a planer – which is a rarity in Switzerland