Point of interest 

Private Hospital Meiringen

The Privat Hospital Meiringen is today one of the largest employers in the Haslital. The hospital complex is located on the outskirts of the village Willigen, belonging to the Municipality Schattenhalb. The hospital administration and a part of the medical services are housed in the splendid building “Des Alpes”. The building from the late 19th century served originally as hotel. With its luxurious expansion standard, it was regarded as one of the leading hotels in the region. The tourist offer at this place is based on its vicinity to the hot spring, which was first documented in 1509. The water of the Reichenbach spa served for centuries to cure skin rashes and pulmonary disease. The source, however, was spilled probably in 1869 due to a flooding. After that it was newly caught in the 1980s, the 21 degree warm water bubbles again in a fountain in the area of the psychiatric clinic.