Point of interest 

House no. 222

The building no. 222 in Schwendi dates back to 1593, making it the traceably oldest existing house in Schattenhalb. Several other buildings in the municipality are as well valuable witness of old craftsmanship of carpentry. Schattenhalb has a considerable stock of well-preserved, precious individual buildings and groups of buildings from earlier times. Most of these houses are provided with their construction year. Moreover carved inscriptions and later painted writings give information about the construction year of the house, the constructors, sometimes also his wife and the master carpenter. Often this information is supplemented with a aphorism. Many of the houses represent quite unaltered the traditional type of rural architecture since the 16th century. They are not large unit houses as they are known from the lowlands, which including apartments, barn and stable under one roof,. In Schattenhalb stand usually mere residential buildings; stables and barns are built separately.