Point of interest 

View point: Wellhorn and Wetterhorn

In the past 200 years the Reichenbach valley has attracted many famous artists. Painters like Caspar Wolf, Josef Anton Koch, Gabriel Lory (father and son), Peter Birmann, François Diday, Alexandre Calame and Ferdinand Hodler visited the area. The numerous works reflect how people's attitudes regarding the mountains changed. In ancient time the mountains were considered fearsome, indeed, as a location of deadly peril - people avoided them whenever possible. Gradually, however, the former fear began to give way to fascination, more and more artists got inspired by these landscapes. Accordingly, the early pictures were almost always characterized by a threatening atmosphere and somber colors. Increasingly, the presentations got more realistic, and, gradually, the green color conquered  the paintings. The Austrian painter Joseph Anton Koch is considered the true founder of the independent artistic Alpine painting. In his works, the landscape is not just a scenery, but the central subject.