Point of interest 

Grindel Oberläger

The sunny Grindelalp from 1600 m up to 2500 m a.s.l. belongs to the mountain community Grindel. The alp is after the Grosse Scheidegg in terms of area, the second largest alp of Grindelwald, but most intensively grazed by 318 livestock units (equivalent to 318 cows of 650 kg each). The Grindelalp consists of seven “Sennten” (alpine farms), each comprising several pastures ready for grazing at different times.
The livestock unit (LU) is a unit, which allows to compare different breeds. 1 LU equals feed consumption, accumulation of manure and slurry of a cow weighing 650 kg. On this basis, conversion factors are used in relation to age and sex of the animal (for example, a more than 1 - year-old sheep corresponds to 0.17 LU).